Here at Seven Seas Stages, we want to provide film students with the opportunity to work in a real studio environment by providing students with a mentorship program.

The Buccaneer Mentorship Program provides students with guidance and support. Students will visit our studio and meet with various mentors for four (4) hours per week for the duration of the student’s program. Our mentors will review and provide them with a further understanding of the curriculum and give them hands on training with our sets and equipment.

Upon completion of the school’s full course, students will have access to our studio and equipment for their thesis. We will schedule their film days according to their thesis month. Green Lit students will have first choice at the days that they would like to film. The students will be provided a prep day and a shoot day. The shoot day will consist of a total of twelve (12) working hours.​

​To inquire about how you can join our program, please contact us at: